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Excellent R & D team

        With top technical personnel of the industry, the majority of R & D personnel have “the educational background in 985 key universities” as well as “years of experience in top enterprises”. Many engineers of the company once participated in evaluation and commission of wireless terminal antenna for the world’s famous brand models. The case brands are including but not limited to HUAWEI, SAMSUNG, OPPO,VIVO, MEIZU, etc.
        We make forward to the development of performance management and R & D engineers comprehensive ability continuously.Meanwhile,we integrated with the systematic management and the human management. Now, we have formed a unique industry-specific R & D growth model.

Rigorous project pre-research and assessment

Antenna Simulation: establish the professional antenna simulation team; carry out antenna simulation with the industry’s top antenna simulation software, CST and HFSS to ensure the pre-research of early performance of flagship products!
Drawing Review: for traditional electrically small antenna, Cicent Communications boasted profound and mature R & D accumulation. Drawing review proves that the error between debugging parameters and evaluation parameters can be 1dB.
Prototype Pre-research: to carry out efficient R & D support for customer flagship and frontline products, Cicent Communications highly recommends customers to carry out precise prototype pre-research based on different machine model and commission difficulty.

Professional R & D equipment

Excellent project development and debugging

        Complete R & D performance control system: Cicent Communications has established multiple dimensions for a series of R & D performance control (including project cycle, project difficulty and project key points, etc.) to ensure fine control over R & D quality. Currently, R & D performance management of Cicent Communications is a leading one among manufacturers of the same scale.
Special control measures for difficult projects: for difficult projects and key projects, Cicent Communications established a unique team of experts and project upgrading control machine to ensure customers’ R & D quality and cycle can be controlled perfectly!

Perfect project process control

Strictly according to ISO9001’s idea on products design and development management control, conduct entire process control on the development project.